Administrative delay or red tapism

Right to information should be guaranteed and needs to be given real substance. The list goes on. Shah, accordingly, submitted that in the light of the aforesaid decision of this court, the appeal itself has been rendered incompetent and is liable to be dismissed in view of the non-compliance of the provisions of sub-rule 1 of rule 3A of Order XLI of the Code.

If the law permits furnishing of information regarding corruption, past, present or impending and gives protection to the informants from reprisals, unless the disclosure is proved to be malicious, such a law can play a very useful role.

The human side of things is ignored. But I have tried to point out certain areas which breed corruption and positively influence other areas to be equally corruptive.

Nitish Sengupta, an academic and an author, is a former Member of Parliament and a former secretary to the Government of India. The problem is that the MGNREGA and any other government scheme is being implemented through an administrative structure that is simply not designed for accountability.

All officials we spoke to even those that critique the system attested to this. It has a tendency to divide and subdivide a task.

Lets understand some terms associated with and collectively form Administrative improvement, and should not be misunderstood as meaning the same. Talking about the disadvantages, professor Greaves says that the basic and soundest reason for avoiding departmental form is to get freedom form the "dead hand of treasury".

The National E-governance Plan was brought out as well to bring about socio-economic development and consolidate culture and IT. Similarly we ignored to learn good qualities from them like, discipline, punctuality, administrative capabilities, civilized manners, etc.

In 2G spectrum allocation scam the reports of the CAG were brushed aside similarly statutory bodies like RBI were not consulted and not allowed to their duty in Demonetization fiasco and RBI orders on NPA are regularly brushed aside to dole out farm waivers with political gains in mind which hurts public exchequer.

In the present case, before final sanction could be obtained for preferring the appeal, the file had to pass through three Departments, thereby occasioning some delay in preferring the appeal. It is another irritating aspect of bureaucracy. Early on, social audit champions in the state recognized that effective grievance redressal — taking strong action against errant officials — was the key to making social audits a strong anti-corruption and accountability tool.

Bifurcation means splitting off in two different parts. It was then set up in New Zealand, a Commonwealth Country as a form of parliamentary form of government in This process determines which activities are "critical" i.

20 instances when Delhi govt proposals were rejected, delayed or approved with delay by LG office

In fact, we should have an oath of transparency in place of an oath of secrecy. Thus the Act is fundamental in making the administration transparent and accountable. And better still the process enables auditors to pin point responsibility to specific officers.

12 Major Problems of Elementary Education with Its Solutions

Modern Economics chapter - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. for students. Aug 30,  · Decrease in level of corruption or malpractices – reduction of red-tapism, reduction in greed, elimination of victimization of certain clients, etc.

Ad Hoc and Institutional Arbitration in International Arbitrations

Today because of the stringent vigilance activities the officers don’t spend the sanctioned development quota, for they can’t get their share/cut- and it’s returned unused. Corruption, red-tapism, lack of adequate skilled manpower and poor infrastructure are the major barriers to growth of entrepreneurship in India, a government study has found.

Sixthly, our bureaucratic framework has often been criticized for red-tapism and excessive adherence to rules and regulations leading to a delay in decision making process. Finally, charges of corruption and bribery against the bureaucracy are rampant. Jul 31,  · The delay costs so much loss that even governments feel unbeara ble.

This phenomena is known as red tapism. Better to understand it as sleeping over the Resolved.

and administrative conditions during the Portuguese the people that red-tapism, delay, corruption and between Goa and Delhi, the long process and delay in getting sanctions and clearance from the Central Ministries, and a host of such problems had to be.

Administrative delay or red tapism
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