Cookie mining lab

Each player should have learned a simplified flow of an operating mine. Decisions were made by each player to determine which properties to buy and which piece or pieces of mining equipment should be purchased.

Three things that are mined in Texas include coal, helium, and sulfur. Chips are not considered "mined" until they have been moved outside the boundary of the map, that's why the map has the white border around it this can lead to some interesting debris trails on the way to the boundary and was intended to simulate the additional environmental costs of transporting mined materials.

Most of the time and energy was in separating ore from cookie. These materials can be used to make many different things.

Review The game provided each player an opportunity to make the most money possible with the resources provided. Surface mining destroys vegetation, causes erosion, and can lead to permanatly damaged habitat. Explain why legislation that requires land to be restored after mining makes mining more expensive.

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I could have easily miss counted the money or I could have guess the type of ore wrong. The toothpicks are mining tools. The chocolate represents the desired ore. Only one "mining property" per player.

Each player receives a Cookie Mining sheet and a sheet of grid paper. If the soil is not put back properly, especially in arid places, then it is more likely to be blown into a river, pond, lake, etc. For this part, we do not worry about partially covered squares, if there is a crumb, that is a square that must be paid for.

I have students turn the instructions sheet over and learn that laws have been passed that require that they pay reclamation costs for the land they disturbed through their mining practices.

Cookie Mining Rules Players cannot use their fingers to hold the cookie. Cookie Mining Rules Players cannot use their fingers to hold the cookie. The cookie pieces is the waste earth or spoils. Equipment may not be shared between players. Each player should have learned a simplified flow of an operating mine.

Strip mining is barely practical when the ore body to be dug out is relatively near the surface. How many chips were you able to mine.

Cookie Mining Lab

The only things that can touch the cookie are the mining tools and the paper on which the cookie is sitting. Sulfur is used in petroleum refining, and the preparation of chemicals and fertilizers. Strategies for this round vary, but groups tend to either consciously be careful not to spread debris around during the actual mining or they use some of their labor time using their tools to push crumbs back into the initial "land purchase" area.

Cookie Mining

I put water on half of the cookie, and I felt as if that made it harder. When a group is finished mining, I rush over to their group and write the time they finished on their map. We then declare a preliminary "winner" and there tends to be lots of self-congratulation among the groups.

Cookie Mining

After the cookie has been "mined," the cookie fragments and crumbs should be placed back into the circled area on the grid paper. Cookie Mining Rebaked 3 Earth Science, Modeling Grades 3­8 is 5 minutes, at a cost of $ per minute.

Students can finish mining before. Mining for Chocolate, or the “Cookie Mining Activity,” is a simulated lab activity that deals with environmental impact of human reliance on nonrenewable resources. In the lab students take on the responsibility of mineral extraction for a company as they “mine” chocolate chips from cookies.

Click here for a printable version. Title: Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining Level: Primary, Middle Time: 1 Class Period Objective. You are a research scientist for a mining company. You work in a laboratory that investigates methods of getting useful minerals from rocks. Strip mining if ofted used because it is easiest to replace the spoils that were removed.

It takes the ore/material out of the ground, and replaced the left overs (in the lab, in the cookie. Cookie Mining Simulation. Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the effects of mining on the Earth's sruface, and observe the limits of energy sources. eople’ urriculu o h art WB ADDIIONS —Cookie Mining Activity Cookie Mining Activity Instructions Note: Here are the teacher instructions for the Cookie Mining activity from .

Cookie mining lab
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