Effective managing in a multicultural environment

Some regions may have reputations for being direct and others may favor more deferential ways of communicating. They studied and worked in Korea before they came to U.

When there is a conflict, it is easier to communicate and discuss the problem because the manager knows where the origins of certain conflicts may be coming from. This calls for a manager or a leader to be a patient listener and speaker who ensures clarity and understanding.

Again, head wobbling being used in India as a body language to answer a question can lead to misinterpretation to some other cultural context. There are some universal leadership principles that have been identified as being very effective when employed specifically in a multinational environment.

Managing culturally diverse teams requires the same skills as managing teams in general, but there are some things that need extra attention.

Managing culturally diverse teams requires the same skills as managing teams in general, but there are some things that need extra attention. Multinational Environment, National Culture and Leadership As mentioned earlier, the increasing connection among countries and the globalization of corporations, have not resulted in cultural differences disappearing.

Vision, mobilizing people toward change; Serving, by building emotional bonds; Leading others to greatness, by developing people for future responsibility.

Effective Managing in a Multicultural Environment Paper

If leaders who work within a multinational environment view these principles as an integral part of the process, they will no doubt have a positive impact upon the organization. Some regions may have reputations for being direct and others may favor more deferential ways of communicating.

The successes obtained, using this comparison, inadvertently engage biblical principals that lead to practical results.

This could be achieved through diversifying talent recruitment sources or adjusting selection criteria to reward multicultural experience. If a leader is working with teams based in different parts of the world, the time difference and holidays in each region need to be considered.

This is also what plus years of diversity practice has worked successfully to help eliminate. When I started work at the preschool, had a hard time adjusting to the way the director interacted with the employees.

An effective people process will produce accurate assessment of the individual, provides the framework to develop and identify future leaders, and creates a talent pool to fill future positions.

The Definition of Multicultural in the Workplace

Summary In order to be effective in a multinational environment, a leader should acquire a multicultural mindset. Lead people to greatness with humility and patience Leaders need to exhibit humility when dealing with people in a multinational environment by working to show sincerity in learning the culture.

The main advantage would be that managers who understand the research can be respected by followers.

5 Tips for a Multicultural Work Environment

Establish a corporate vision but do not abandon your national culture In working to adapt to the host culture, a leader must understand that the goal is not to lose well-known business practices in favor of cultural compliance. Encounter with significant human difference causes fear, the denial of humanity to members of the different group, and possible violent behavior against perceived threats.

My approach was to engage these twelve people with the vision of significantly increasing their sales commissions. I also worked with diverse business partners. My team consisted of people from disparate areas of Asia and Eastern Europe, people with different cultural and educational backgrounds.

You cannot manage people into greatness, they must be led An effective leader is one who takes responsibility for the future of the corporation by preparing the organization to change from an average company to a great corporation.

This is the challenge of human development today, and measurement is the first step. Try to understand the cultural gaps across your team. I agree with many things that the authors wrote comparing with western culture with some of Asian culture.


Humility, when coupled with patience, will position the leader to advance the corporate vision and develop new leaders at a safe pace. The Director had long work experiences in Korea.

Adaptation to the local culture. Unfortunately, these competencies are in short supply. Worked ATA Korean culture based preschool for 3 years. The tactile nature of building something together often helps break down issues that are affecting teams.

In a changing environment, all the inhabitants must change with it. We can manage ourselves, so we are also capable of managing others.

The person selected for multinational leadership must work to adjust his or her strong sense of national culture norms by adopting, as provided by Fernandez and Underwood, a multicultural mindset.

We all have a natural resistance to this, but our environment requires that we evolve in order to compete successfully in the global marketplace. Since multicultural environment increases more and more in business, the key for the way of effective managing would be quite challenging for leaders in diverse work settings.

Worked ATA Korean culture based preschool for 3 years. However, our complex actions in the world such as problem solving, decision-making, or managing multicultural workgroups, arise from how we interpret our environment.

Such competence comes from the inside out, with internal and external components, which include attitude, knowledge, and behavior.

Communication skills in a diverse and multicultural environment

The process of acquiring a multicultural mind-set is based on the engagement of the universal principles of effective leadership. A strong leader adapts national culture norms to the target culture and leads the way in maintaining an atmosphere of inclusion.

Among all the challenges in a multi-cultural environment undoubtedly the most difficult to handle is the communication skill as it is how we express ourselves, share information, develop relationships, establish trusts and above all build a multicultural environment even with the establishment of a Creole language.

Chapter 5 Managing Diverse Employees In A Multicultural Environment Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. A multicultural workforce is one in which a wide range of cultural differences exist among the employees in the organization.

While a number of major and minor traits are used to describe cultural.

Effective managing in a multicultural environment
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5 Tips for a Multicultural Work Environment