Valedictory address

We as a people worked hard and made immense sacrifices to nurture our democracy into a vibrant and harmonic political hegemony. The deeper magic of Notre Dame, its transformative power, can be found in Majak, in Ms. I grew up for 18 years in China. And this is what makes our education so amazing — the time that Ateneo has given us is largely the time other people have invested in us.


Will we trust in a love that compels us to connect ourselves to others, and to remain committed to the transformation of injustice. Some institutions award the title based upon various criteria such as overall academic record of grades and creditsa student's grade point average, the level of rigor within a student's academic program of studies, a vote by school administrators, the level of participation in and dedication to extracurricular activitiesand one's public-speaking skills and abilities.

We must refrain from the unscrupulous mutterings of ethnic discord. We are struggling against the structures that oppress, against the systems that make us conform, against the darkness that seduces.

If I were in the shoes of this Syrian woman, of course, I would strive for the right to choose. And every time we get back up our threshold for stress increased; we learn so much more; we become more mature; we are now more capable of assuming our roles as Iskolars para sa Bayan.

The lesson here is simple. In the words of Confucius: At this point, fellow graduates, I invite you to look to your left, look to your right, and look at all the people around you.

We also developed housing estates for Civil Servants as well as executed a Vehicle Ownership Scheme to enable workers acquire cars for ease of transportation. Similarly over 30, eye surgeries have been performed in the state.

District Court judge blocked the Moorestown Superintendent of Schools from retroactively changing school policy to deny a disabled student sole honors. Here is a skeleton and structure to use.

The various aims of this address are to inspire the graduates and to thank individuals responsible for their successes while reflecting on youthful frivolity and the accomplishments of the class.

Lucy encountered the deeper magic through the sacrifice of King Aslan, the lion. To bridge the digital divide and improve efficiency, we establish the Computer Acquisition Scheme and laptops were provided to all grade levels 07 and above employees.

His is a love that questions promises of strength with an unbending commitment to character. This has already yielded immense benefits, evidenced by the entry into the state of global commercial interests from the likes of General Electric and Wilmar Corporation.

The venue may be a familiar one, so a visit may not be required. Of course, as a way of encouraging productivity in the Service, we instituted an annual merit driven Award and embarked on an owner-occupier House Scheme for the civil servants occupying government houses. For a few days, we were to teach the most eager of children that I have ever met, what it would mean to be a leader, a good citizen, a Filipino.

I can honestly say that I loved each and every second of my stay in this university and that I have no regrets in entering Ateneo. It has less to do with intellectual ability than with a specific mindset, with attitude, with exposure, with experience, with an inherent desire and passion for serving the underserved.

She wanted another one — one with a color of her choosing. I was broken because I was resisting. It became clear that the Cross River State which we dreamt of is slowly becoming a reality. However after a few words with some mentors, I was told that this would be the worst way for me to achieve what I wanted.

We just accept people trying to divide us and tear us apart and convince us that one aspect of American society is inevitably corrupt or not to be trusted. The project when completed will provide improve access to qualitative healthcare not only to the people of the state but also to the neigbouring state.

I went from homeschooling to the busy serenades of first-year orientation. We also renovated and equipped hundreds of existing educational facilities across the State. The future is bright. Sa ating pagpili, maging ito ay sa ating pagiging doktor, abogado, negosyante, tagapamahala, guro, manunulat, o anuman, atin itong panindigan upang makapag-bigay pa ng sarili.

In other words, our objective was to achieve economic growth which was independent of any single natural resource but would rather develop from a range of economic activities with real and meaningful commercial prospects for our people.

It is unhealthy to allow differences, no matter what they are, to jeopardise our unity and consequently our strength. The New Jersey Commissioner of Educationfor example, required schools to make changes to valedictorian award policy effective only for the incoming freshman class, not students already enrolled.

Our calling as we leave this stadium is to get these gowns dirty together, as we wade into muddy waters, as our learning becomes service to justice. It was in my semestral break in third year where my life took on a degree turn because of two experiences.

But then I realized my hypocrisy. Thus bridging the gap and ensuring inclusivity. This could be a podium on the stage. Valedictorian speech is a speech that is basically aimed to express farewell.

Writing a valedictorian speech can get really scary as it is a huge responsibility. Do not be disheartened because you too can write an effective student council speech example by following some simple tips. Homeschool Graduation Speech; Examples of High School Senior Bios; Sample One: How We'll Measure These Years.

The first sample is a speech that talks about how things have changed over the high school years. (Delivered during CAS Recognition Day held last June 14, at the UP Theater) Esteemed guest speaker, Ms.

Lilianjoy Laureza, Officers of the University of the Philippines Manila and College of Arts and Sciences, Honored Faculty, Alumni, parents, and fellow graduates – a wonderful morning to you all!

The daunting task of changing the world revolves around what we do with the pieces we give of ourselves. And to change the world, all we have to do is to choose. The valedictory address, or valediction, is the closing or farewell statement delivered at a graduation ceremony.

It is an oration at commencement (in Canada, called convocation in university and graduation in high school) exercises in U.S.


and some Canadian high schools, colleges, and universities delivered by one of the graduates. Cary Christian School’s class of graduated on May 21st.

Second Epistle to Timothy

One of the highlights of every CCS graduation is the privilege of hearing the wise and eloquent .

Valedictory address
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